Becoming an NYC Foodie

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Hi guys! 

Hope you all are having a lovely beginning to your week! I'm so sad that it's only Monday but going through photos from this past weekend and writing this post is most definitely cheering me up. I feel like I sometimes get in a slump on the weekends, mostly because there are so many things I want to do and I can never a. decide which one of them to do at that time and b. get overwhelmed. So, these past few weekends I decided to adventure with a few of my roommates to find some fun cafes in NYC. Even if you're not from NYC I hope you can be inspired to try some new places in your town. If you're in NYC or even if you're just visiting, GO GO GO!

My first stop was this place call The Good Sort - you can check out the website by clicking the name! Anyways, it's a vegan food bar with tea, coffee, and delicious food! I had told my roommate Julia that I wanted to go exploring and so she got the idea to start here. In the first picture above, I got rose tea and Julia got a rainbow latte. Although the space was very small, I appreciated all of the attention to detail from the decor to the teapots. I'm an avid tea drinker so I love great presentation. This was by far one of the most adorable teapots and teacups I've seen at a cafe. I also really loved how they had mini-plants and a record player, which they were playing! 

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AND to top it off, they have an amazing (small but still delicious) menu! My roommate and I both got Acai bowls!

I also forgot to mention that The Good Sort is located in Chinatown! The address is 5 Doyers St and is open Sunday through Saturday! It's located on a quiet, tucked away street and the outside is just as cute as the inside! That door is Insta-worthy and we can all appreciate a neon sign (Even when it's not lit up I guess haha)

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The next stop was at the Broken Coconut, which is located in lower Manhattan. 

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Talk about tropical paradise! This cafe is all about eating healthy, from beach to bowl, which I love. They have a ton of coconut waters to choose from as well as fruit and veggie bowls. On the wall when you walk in is this wall of beach hats with palms. Although I love fall and the colder seasons, this was refreshing and made me miss summer right away haha.

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They also have this adorable swing with a neon sign that says "Eat Pretty".. There's been a trend with the neon signage but I'm not complaining! It's poppy and bright and fun and I can't get enough of it. When we were the there, the owner came up to us and let us try two of the coconut drinks and then proceeded to give us bottles for free which was great. It's only been open for a few weeks - so that's always something to keep in mind! Keep and eye out for new cafes and restaurants and they may give you free food and drinks (Perfect for a broke college student like myself). Check out the carousel of photos below to see more photos and our food!

I got avocado toast and one of my roommates got a chickpea bowl with purple yams.. it was all actually SO delicious. It was definitely somewhere you could go out and eat at without feeling guilty because they use some unique, yummy, and most importantly HEALTHY ingredients. 

Our last stop was at Loco Coco! It was located on the uptown Manhattan on the east side! Along with having a neon sign of it's very own, it also had coconut in the name (we just can't get enough of these vegan hot spots that love coconut apparently). This is also a vegan cafe that serves bowls and smoothies. It was REALLY tiny inside, like only two seats, so be prepared to be crammed but it's totally worth it! 

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One of my roommates got a smoothie bowl inside of a coconut and I got one inside of a pineapple. My other roommate got hers in a regular container but how lovely do these look! They were super filling and were fairly priced for what you get. 

I hope you guys can check out these shops if you live here or even decide to visit the city soon! Even though I'm not vegan, I was really happy to find so many vegan options here throughout the city. Although Im not surprised, it's great that these types of shops can provide great food and accommodating different needs without sacrificing quality and flavor. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check them out!!! Who cares if you're broke like me, the food is totally worth it guys and gal. Links below! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and I hope I didn't make you too hungry!

xo Morgan

Morgan Wynne