Walkin' In a (Summer) Wonderland

Hi guys! 

Hope you are all enjoying these lovely last few weeks of Summer.. I already move back to NYC next week.. like where did the time go? I can't even deal. Anyways, I'm so excited to share this little adventure that one of my best friend's and I went on..


After a not-so-adventure filled summer, we decided to hop in the car a few Saturdays ago and head to Hartford, CT to the Elizabeth Park Conservancy/ Rose Garden.. Neither of us had been to Hartford, even though we only live in MA. We weren't really sure what to expect considering it was the end of July and I wouldn't imagine too many flowers to be looking too hot with the up and down weather we had been having. But, to our surprise, the park was AMAZING.

As you can see from above, there were multiple gardens. One of the gardens had rows of floral arches all leading to this hut of some sorts (wasn't really sure what to call it).. There was also a small rose garden as well as a wooden gazebo-like thing pictured above with a bunch of flowers and wonderful trees.. Since living in NYC for most of the year, nature has been more important than ever to me.. I never knew how much I'd even just miss my own back yard, the beach, the parks.. So visiting the gardens was such a treat..

On another note, I wore this new thrifted shirt that I just picked up and I am OBSESSED... Throughout my past blog posts I've spoken here and there about thrifted finds.. but I am hoping to work on something new this Fall in regards to that... 

I got this lace top from Savers a few weeks ago for maybe $6.. It has super cute buttons along the front and lace trim on the sleeves.. I really fell in love and appreciated this piece as soon as I found it because of how much character it held. To anybody, it may just look like a smock that a 96 year old woman would wear but it fit right into my wardrobe.

I just paired the top with a brown/terra cotta colored skirt that I had to give my look a vintage vibe. My favorite part of getting dressed is seeing how my new and older pieces mix and match... There's nothing you can't create with your wardrobe, a thrifted wardrobe especially.

I think that many people today forget just how valuable their closet is... There's no easier way to express yourself than through ruffles, polka dots, fun florals... Anything you can imagine! What's even more important, is that you don't need a large budget to be able to have fun with your wardrobe. Fashion isn't disposable.. And neither is your personal style. It's so important to remember that you don't have to go to Forever 21 every week for a new key item. You can support your local businesses by going into thrift stores or even consignment shops to find pieces with character, just like what I've found in this top as with many others. Your closet can still do its job when you reuse old pieces and even go on the hunt for "new" old ones..

I hope this little blurb spoke to you all! I intend to expand upon this concept of thrifting and what it means to have a non-disposable wardrobe this upcoming semester..

Signing off with this one!




Morgan Wynne