Hooray For Ombré

Hello lovelies!

Happy weekend! I can't believe it's already July.. where is this summer going already? I can't seem to keep up with blogging like I would have liked to so far but I've kind of needed a little creative break...I'm planning on sharing a post with you guys tomorrow more about that.. Anyways, I wanted to share this new look with you! 

Soft and feminine looks always tend to be my favorite. Unfortunately, because the fabric is a light cream and blush pink, it's a little difficult to photograph and see. I got this skirt from the Lauren Conrad Runway Collection from Kohl's about a year ago and has been one of my favorite buys so far. I love this skirt because I have been able to wear it during multiple seasons with different tops and accessories. 

For this summer look, I paired it with a white blouse from The Loft as well as a dainty necklace from Lauren Conrad (go figure). I love this look because it's super light and airy, and the colors are dreamy. I typically get nervous wearing a lighter color palette because I'm a mess most of the time but I figured I could handle it this time haha. 

As you guys have probably realized by now, I have a necklace problem (oops). I usually lean towards heavier costume jewelry, but there's always room for dainty. I typically think of thin chains with single gems when I use the word dainty, but this is as dainty as it gets in my wardrobe! The gold accents of the necklace played well with the warmer colors in my skirt so it was a no brainer!

Another reason I really wanted to share this look was because I don't often see people wearing long skirts like mine above as a more casual day look. Whenever I'm at work or even just out, I always get the question, "Why are you so dressed up?".. But to me, it's not really dressed up, it's more so that I'm just carrying out my day to day style... So why are certain pieces only limited to certain occasions? Sure, there are pieces that are only appropriate for certain events or seasons, but don't limit your wardrobe. If you want to wear tulle to breakfast, so be it! Heels to the market? Absolutely. Your wardrobe can be really flexible if you let it. My wardrobe lets me live out all of my creative energy and I think it's important that your wardrobe does that for you too!

Well, I hope this post got you thinking about some pieces you have stuffed away for your next night out or even wedding.. Your wardrobe can be whatever you want to be!

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne