"Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication"

Hi guys! 

Happy June and happy (almost) summer! With the weather being so hot and then on the cooler side (at least here in New England) I figured I'd share a look suitable for all sorts of weather. I wanted to show a simple outfit that most people could achieve from their current wardrobe. 

My black lace top is one of my favorites from The Loft. I believe that everyone should own at least one lace top, as it brings a lot of character to a look without being over the top. I also really love the sleeve details and how it's not just a regular hemmed sleeve. The metallic gold skirt is from Forever 21 and I believe I got it for on sale. I don't typically love shopping at Forever 21, but I do find pieces time to time that will last a longer duration within my wardrobe. The quality of this skirt is actually pretty good, and I recommend not knocking pieces until you try them. Sometimes I don't even take a look inside a store or try on pieces because I assume all of their pieces will be the same. I was definitely happily surprised with this buy. 

Not that you necessarily have to, but I like finding a key focal piece that balances the colors of the look and ties it together. This necklace is from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls and I'm absolutely addicted to her stuff. She always keeps her colors light and styles whimsical. I like that this necklace had gold accents with blue stones. You don't necessarily always have to accessorize with bold statement pieces, as dainty chains or small stones work as well depending on your style.  

Shoes are always fun to choose and I always am really picky because shoes really make or break an outfit (at least in my day to day dressing). If I could, I would wear heels every single day and just stick to skirts and dresses. BUT sadly life is a little too demanding for that... Regardless if you wear heels or not, its always worth the time to try on shoes with your outfit that you may not think to try. There has been numerous times when I said absolutely not to a pair of shoes before trying them on and ended up loving them. For some people, throwing on a pair of sneakers with their favorite skirt or dress do the trick. Whatever you love to wear, don't be afraid to throw on your favorite kicks and rock them with confidence. 

The idea of this look was to show you that simple pieces can be fun and can define who you are and your style. With ever changing weather, a look like this can really fit the occasion. With a lace top, you can always pair it with a cardigan or denim jacket (depending on how casual or formal you're going for) and if its warmer, the lace itself will keep you pretty cool. As far as the skirt goes, I say it over and over again, there is no better length! When it's windy, you never have to worry about your skirt flying around, but still get enough air and aren't constrained when its warmer. I loved sharing this look with you and hope it'll inspire you to stop underestimating the simpler pieces in your closet.

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne