Springtime Fever (Since It's Been 90 Degrees Everyday)

Hi guys!

It's finally the weekend (THANK GOD) and school is officially over, even though I'll still be in the city for a few more days. I'm looking forward to so much this summer, particularly not being constrained by work even though I'll be busy. I don't have too many plans so I hope to get more into a routine of blogging and expanding upon what I do on here! I'm really excited as I've spent a bit of time pulling together some new content for you. I did a shoot a couple of weeks in Central Park and it was nothing less than dreamy..

Typically I'm drawn to warmer colors, light pinks and purples, but I am absolutely obsessed with this sea foam green ruffled top. I purchased it from H&M, it was originally $34.99 but I only paid $14. I paired the top with my denim AE wide leg culottes for a more casual look. 

I've been trying to challenge myself lately by mixing my more casual pieces with my kind of more formal/fancier pieces (I'm not sure what word to use to describe my non casual items hahaha). I think outfits are all about balance but also about confidence. So many people say "Oh I could never wear those together or wear those out to this place" - But really when you think about it, you can really rock any look as long as your brave enough to step outside in it. Clothes are what they are, but there's also a mysterious factor too where it's really about how you perceive the pieces and the person wearing them... This look doesn't really showcase the extreme of mixing different categories of clothing but it's a small example. 

I also paired this look with my purple tassel earrings from Charming Charlie. Anybody that knows me really well knows that I'm a pearl kind of gal, BUT I am in love with these. The tassels remind me of the 1920s and so I just couldn't say no (Can someone transport me back in time? Thanks).

I hope you guys really loved this look as much as I did. I'm so excited to keep sharing more with you this summer. 

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne