Blooming with JORD

Hey guys!

What better way to welcome the beautiful season of spring than with a watch made out of natural wood? As I was beginning to pull together my wardrobe for the warm weather, this JORD watch felt like it was going to be a perfect fit. I decided to team up with JORD Watches and share a bit about this cute accessory I've become so passionate about!

When I first learned about JORD Watches and looked at their products, I instantly fell in love with the Zebrawood and Rosé watch from the Cora series. The color of the face reminded me of the cherry blossom trees that bloom in Central Park every spring. 

Before getting into details, how ADORABLE is the packaging? The wooden box gave me such an earthy, yet sophisticated vibe for the brand. 

I was very surprised to see such beautiful packaging but was so happy as I can use it to store the watch. The wooden box was only a preview of what was to come.

Besides the lustrous face of the watch, I really appreciated the addition of bling. The Swarovski crystals and wooden body balance each other out in a way that the watch becomes a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. The frame of the face is gold which can be fun to pull attention to by adding stacked gold bracelets like the ones I featured above. This watch-bracelet combo feels extra feminine and fresh for spring which was exactly what I had been looking for the new season.

Talk about some serious arm candy! I can't get over this combo. Especially because dresses up simple looks, like a sweaters or t-shirts. 


I also wanted to show this pairing too. Although still feminine, I felt like these earrings brought the watch up to an edgier level. As I said before, I really love that this watch is versatile and can be dressed in multiple ways depending on the occasion or mood. JORD has given a new meaning to cool watches that can fit everyone's personal style. 

Another wonderful feature of the watch that I wanted to share was its deployment buckle with push button. One of the most aggravating parts about wearing watches is getting it on and off! I've never had an easier time wearing a watch than with these features. AND it gets better! My watch was custom sized and you can also get it engraved! Accessories have never been so personable. 

I hope that after reading this you've fallen in love with this brand as much as I have. Watches have always been a tough accessory to pick out but with JORD it's been a no brainer. If you're interested- there's WAY more unique watches to check out. You can click here to see the men's and women's shop! And if you want to check out my watch exclusively, click here


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I hope you loved reading about JORD watches as much as I loved sharing with you! 

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne