Going Bananas

Hi guys!

Ahh! I've finally found a free moment to share a new look with you. I'm on spring break this week thankfully so I've had a little bit of time to catch up and write this. Although it seems like everyone else's breaks were forever ago, I'm happy that my spring break truly feels like spring. So, on that note, I wanted to share a look with you that's pretty classic for me during the warmer months. 

I wanted to start off with this top because WOW, I was in love with it as soon as I saw it. You can't really tell in this photo with how I styled it but it is fairly cropped. It's from Zara (of course) and is just so adorable with all of the bows and especially the open back. I loved this top too because it can be styled with a more formal skirt or thrown on with some shorts for the beach.

The best part of this blouse could also very well be the adorable avocados and bananas. There's also another sort of fruit/vegetable embellished on the blouse but I wasn't exactly sure what it was (whoops). Regardless, it's super cute and perfect for spring and especially summer. 

If you know me, tea length skirts are my JAM. If I don't wear one at least a couple of times a week then something is definitely going on! It's become a key item within my wardrobe and I recommend it to most gals. This one featured above is from Forever 21 and I believe I only paid about $20 for it so it was a great bargain. I also love the color because it cant be paired with light, soft colors for spring but also neutrals for a night time look. 

I know it was brief but I hope you were inspired to find some similar pieces on your next shopping trip! Be sure to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy the weather. 

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne