Floral Punch

Hey guys! 

Happy weekend! I am so excited to share this look with you because it's a little bit different than what I normally share with you. I typically am someone who wears nothing but skirts and dresses, but I found these killer pants at Zara and just had to grab them. They almost remind me of Japanese floral designs but with a modern twist. 

I wanted to talk with you all a little bit about how to bring dimension and balance out busy pants like the ones I'm wearing in the photos. Most people pair busy pants with a plain top, which I did as well. However, I wanted to bring a little bit of sophistication to look and compliment the pants. I ended up finding a top at another Zara that had a little bit more to it than just a plain white t-shirt.

This top is a cropped wrap top with billowy-like sleeves. I liked this top because I felt that it made sense with the pants and could be worn with a pair of jeans or even a skirt. I always look to purchase pieces that are versatile so that I'm getting the most bang for my buck! I can't tell you how many times I've put things back on the rack because I know that there will only be a few ways to style it. Practical doesn't have to be boring - every time you get dressed it should feel like a blank canvas. You have so many more options when you stick to basics that can be accessorized with statement pieces.  

Another part about this look that I love is the proportions. Because I'm on the shorter side (ALMOST 5'1), I like to play with pants that can make my legs look a little bit longer. High-waisted pants like these are a great go-to for shorter gals because they not only lengthen your legs, but accentuate the smallest part of your waist. Also, I love that the sleeves of the top balance out the leg of the pant. The pants aren't exactly straight cut but they aren't wide leg either, so I wanted a top that would compliment that. 

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed this look as much as I did! Hopefully on your next shopping trip you'll dare to pick up some fun pants - as well as remembering the importance of multi-dimensional basics like my top featured above. Have the best weekend!

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne