Polka Dots & Gingham

Hey guys!

Before the weekend kicks off I just wanted to share a brief post about mixing patterns and prints! I decided to mix my black and white gingham button up with my polka dotted tulle midi skirt.

I've found that mixing and matching is obviously about trial and error. It's so easy to try everything on and assort your clothes a billion ways, yet not a lot of people seem to do it. I know that sometimes I get stuck in the same old patterns and have to remind myself to change it up. 

I really liked this look because it was soft with the tulle but also structured with the gingham. I also added a necklace to add a little bit more color to the look. 

Even though there's a balance of softness and structure, I wore these metallic pumps to bring out the jewel tones in the necklace. I feel like that balance of color is always more pleasing to the eye and really wraps the different pieces together to create a whole look. 

Although this post was short, I hope it was a sweet! I hope you feel a little bit more inspired to play around with your different pieces in hopes of getting out of your same day to day style rut. 

Have the best weekend!


Morgan Wynne