Flourishing Florals


Hey guys! 

I'm so excited to share this new look with you today. I recently started working with a new photographer, Carly Tumen, who has been a joy to work with! She has really started to capture my looks in a new light, so I can't wait for what my future posts have in store! You'll have to check her out here

It's officially Spring! The weather has been a little drab, so I wanted to put together a poppy, bright look. 

My go-to is always tea length skirts, so finding this coral floral skirt at Marshall's was a very happy moment for me. This length skirt has been fairly popular and easy to find in retailers but I haven't seen as many fun patterns like this one. It was only $34.99 (A STEAL!!!), so you can't really beat that. Although I love my brands just as much as the next person, I'm always on the search for great pieces no matter the name. 


I was a little bit of disaster that day with the wind (Hence my hair) but I still love these photos nonetheless because they really show off the beautiful colors in the skirt and the simplicity of the blouse. 

I paired my outfit with my favorite metallic heels from Anthropologie. They were originally over $100 and I only paid $20 so I was pretty pumped (pun intended). 

This post was a quick share, but I hope you enjoyed the look! I'm always proud to share looks with a lot of color considering NYC is full of all black all. the. time. Thankfully I haven't been sucked into that vortex yet.

Until next time,


Jumping pictures are the best pictures ^

Morgan Wynne