Cheers to the Holidays


Happy holidays, everybody! I decided that I wanted to share a few last minute ideas for the holidays coming up. Although it may be too late to order, I wanted to at least give you some ideas on what you could look for if you're last minute outfit shopping like I usually am!

I wanted to include items that could be worn for more formal dinners and even dressed down for those who are more casual on the holidays. I love dressing up for family and friend gatherings because they're always a great excuse to look your best. I don't typically get to see my family as often as I'd like (especially with school now) so I try to look as put together as I can since we usually take lots of photos. The whole "put together" thing though is just a trick as my brain is usually falling apart by the end of the semester hahaha. 

This look that I shared below is a simple plum mid-length wrap dress. I wanted to show this piece because wrap dresses are typically flattering on most body types and it ties in at the waist (the smallest part of your body) and then falls from the waist. I also like that the neckline is delicate and flattering. I paired a necklace from J.Crew with this dress but it looked lovely without one as well. I got this dress from H&M for about $40 and paired them with my favorite nude heels from Anthropologie. 

I linked some wrap dresses below - click on the photo for the direct link! 

Here is a little bit more formal of a look (it's really effortless though). I layered a tank top under a lace bodysuit with a silky high to low skirt. I loved this look mostly for the deep color in the skirt as well as the tiny details overall. The bow makes the skirt extra festive and the polka dots on the bodysuit give it a little extra something. I can't find the link to the skirt or bodysuit but hopefully the photos can give you a general idea. I all of my pieces from Forever 21 except for my shoes, which are Chinese Laundry. 


Because I couldn't link everything, I provided some more fun skirts below with some tops. I love these pieces on their own because they can be paired with something else in your wardrobe and dress up whatever you already have. That was basically what I did when I found that blue skirt shown above. The holidays are the best time to mix simple pieces in your closet with intricately detailed pieces - beading or even just dreamy textiles like tulle, velvet or silky polyester will do the trick. 

These dresses below are just for giggles (I didn't have time to shoot another look) but I love everything about these pieces. These would totally be worth the investment for the holidays as they can be paired with your other pieces for the new year ahead. You could throw on a cardigan or crewneck sweater with either of the dresses and you could layer underneath the jumpsuit with a long-sleeve tee to makes them better investments. 

I'm so sorry that I posted later rather than sooner but I hope these can give you some last minute ideas on what to throw together. Whether you're going shopping or just shopping out of your own closet, there's plenty of fun to be had! Get creative with holiday jewel tones and playful textures - they'll totally help you make the perfect statement for your holiday gatherings. 

xo Morgan

Morgan Wynne