Fringe For the Festivities


Hey guys!

I hope you were able to check out my personal gift guide (if not, click here) and enjoyed reading it! I hope to put up a last minute guide too, just to give you some quick ideas for buying if you haven't already. Every year I tell myself that Im going to finish my shopping early and then I never do.. typical haha. Anyways, I wanted to share a cute outfit that may be able to give you some ideas for all of the festivities you may be taking apart of before the actual holidays..


I know that for me, December involves a lot of going out, having dinner with friends, and just partaking in holiday-related festivities in general. I liked this look because it had some personality but was casual enough to do whatever the day or night may bring. Typically I'm somebody who likes to accessorize with jewelry, but I've been really into letting the pieces speak for themselves. This shirt was by far one of my favorite finds lately and is really versatile. 


The shirt was only about $30 from Zara and I paired it with a pleated skirt from H&M that I got sometime last season. Although patterns and colors are fun to mix and match, textures are sometimes way more fun because it gives your look so much more depth and dimension. I always hate buying plain colored clothing, but if I find something with just the right texture then I can still enjoy the piece and get the most use out of it without getting bored of it. The tassels on this shirt have so much movement and makes all the walking in the city a little bit more exciting with the way they move when I walk (struttin' obviously).


Talking about colors too again - this look is also a great representation of how you can mix your pieces from other seasons to get the most use out of them. This skirt is definitely a warm weather, spring-y piece but paired with ankle boots and a cozy sweater (it's pretty much a shirt but feels like a sweater) totally transitions it to be worn in the colder months. 

I shared some pieces below with the links attached as I couldn't find my pieces anymore online :) They just have a lot of fun textures so I figured you guys might be interested and want to take a look!

xo Morgan

Morgan Wynne