Sweater Weather


Hey guys!

Happy almost December and almost end of the semester! I have been absolutely swamped (per usual) with tons of work. Thankfully I have a bunch of content for you guys these next few weeks though! I wanted to share this look because we've all been in the sweater rut...Looking for a sweater that's extra warm and cute, but not $50. 


Although I haven't posted much about it lately, I've been thrifting a lot and have been finding the most amazing pieces - including this sweater! This sweater was $4.99 from Salvation Army, but the best part is that it's originally from Barney's and is 100% cashmere! I found it randomly among a bunch of other sweaters and it was in such good condition I couldn't say no.

Although we all love a chunky knit, I loved this cashmere sweater because it's a little bit more tailored and is super versatile. Sometimes I don't like wearing the super oversized sweaters because they can either be a. too big to tuck into my skirts/pants or b. make me disappear in my clothes. If you're like me and only 2 ft tall, then it's really important to have pieces that define your shape - although I like cozying up in a big sweater every now and again. 


I really love this look as well because it can totally be dressed up or down, like most of my outfits on here. I paired the sweater with a pleated plum skirt from H&M, which I've been wearing with everything lately (more pleats please). And although I'm wearing a casual chunky heeled boot, you could definitely slip on some heels for a dinner or get-together. During the holiday season I always find that Im crunched for time, so an outfit like this could be transitioned from school/work to whatever night festivities you have going on by changing your shoe or adding jewelry. 

I also wanted to just remind you again that this is typically a great time of year to go thrifting as many people are going through closets getting ready to make room for their holiday pieces. Although I can't show you exactly the same sweater, I'll link some items below for you guys to check out but I definitely recommend hitting the thrift stores first! Click on the individual photos to get redirected to their links!

Can't wait to share some more looks for this season soon! 

xo Morgan