Fall In Full Bloom

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Hi guys!

I'm so excited to finally be writing on here. I've been so busy with classes and work. I've had the amazing opportunity to work with a portrait/lifestyle photographer here in NYC. I've always been super passionate about photography and taking photos in general but I'm loving getting to see the other side of the business. I hope to have my own photography business someday on the side of whatever else I plan to do so it's been such an amazing experience. I've been able to intern and work with a few different companies over the past few years but this may be one of my favorite experiences thus far. It's been a great creative outlet for me and has given me the time to reflect on myself as an artist and creator in general. 

I definitely recommend that if any of you are even curious about a career path or looking to grow within any field, go for it! It can be so mundane to stick with the same old stuff all the time. Challenge yourself to apply for that job, even if you're just thinking about it in the slightest way. Email professors and colleagues to connect with industry professionals and get that internship you've been dreaming about! It never hurts to try, and even if you don't think you'd be good at whatever that job may entail, that's all the more reason to go after it. My motto throughout my college experience within my personal and professional endeavors has been "What's for you will not pass you". It has always comforted me and reminded me that no matter what happens, you can find an opportunity that pulls together all of the parts of your life that you love. 

I hope to write more on this later, but in the meantime, here's one of my favorite looks from fall (Sorry to be so jumpy, I just have so much to say haha)! It's been another goal to spend more time blogging and sharing bits of my day to day with you guys. Hoping I can work towards that these coming months.

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So far, as most of you know, fall has had a warm start. Although I love the crisp air and an excuse to curl up with a nice cup of tea (I do that anyway who am I kidding) I have loved wearing short sleeves and transitioning all of my skirts into the new season. My wardrobe consists of a lot of bright, poppy colors so I have been trying my best to pair them neutrals that will give some taste of the season at hand (It'll make it's appearance eventually).

AND even better, I've been able to shoot at amazing locations like Washington Mews featured here. I have such a love/hate with cobblestone streets though, I'm not gonna lie I almost face-planted a few times wearing these heels but I think I have them mastered (I'd like to pretend so at least). So, if you ever want to build some leg strength and maybe break an ankle all while looking at aesthetically pleasing buildings, Washington Mews is your go-to!

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The shirt in this look is from a company called Sienna Sky. I typically purchase their clothing from TJMaxx. It has ruffled sleeves and is a dreamy, dark teal color. I paired it with this ruffled, printed wrap skirt from Zara. I loved that I could play with brighter accents in the skirt and let the colors stand by themselves. And who doesn't love a cute bow? I'm typically somebody who loves to accessorize with jewelry and layering, but sometimes simple is better. Plus, the bow on this skirt is an accessory within itself! I always have to remind myself that my pieces can stand alone and still look put-together without all the extras. Sometimes it's best not to over-do it, no need to overthink. 

Hopefully this look can show you how you can dress for warmer weather while incorporating elements that celebrate fall. Pair neutrals with brighter colors and opt for longer skirts to create a fun, comfortable look that's still appropriate. I also wanted to add that I recently got accepted to LikeToKnow.It (HOORAY) and will be creating a "Shop My Look" segment on the blog! 

So excited to see what these upcoming months will bring. Keep checking my Instagram and blog to see what's new! 

xoxo Morgan 

Morgan Wynne