State Swap Box


Hey guys!
I am so excited to share this post with you tonight! I had the opportunity to collaborate with another blogger, Elise Batten from the SimplyChic Blog , and do a state swap box. Essentially a state swap box is exactly how it sounds - you exchange a gift box with another person from another state. The box is typically filled with locally-made goods, special treats, or anything really in between. It was so much fun to swap with Elise because she's from Texas, which is where I was born! Although I'm Texas born, it was still so so much fun to see what surprises she had in store. And for those of you who don't know, I'm originally from southeastern Massachusetts. It was such a thrill to hunt for cute knick knacks and decide on which favorite snacks I would send her. Be sure to check out her blog (linked above) to see what I put in her box!

And.. how sweet is that note that she wrote me?!


The first items I found in the box were these LaKing's saltwater taffy, this melon candle, and this absolutely adorable necklace. I can't wait to start wearing this necklace especially because it's a little chunk of my other home. It was also actually really funny that Elise sent me saltwater taffy because it's also really popular in Cape Cod, but I loved that hers was made locally (and it was amazing.. it's almost gone haha). And who doesn't love a fruity candle? It definitely made me want to hit the beach and eat fruit on the Gulf of Mexico.


To top it off, she also sent me peppermints from LaKing's Confectionary as well. I loved that she included a pamphlet from the candy parlour, it'll definitely be going in my memory box. Plus, everyone needs a drink koozie, so I'm excited I get to represent the Texans, although I'm a New Orleans Saints fan... That's right, not a New England Patriots fan haha. 


Last but not least, she sent me this cute water bottle from Starbucks that says Texas with a bull on it. I love that Starbucks puts the state names on their mugs and water bottles.. it makes them so much more fun to collect!

Overall, I had an amazing experience putting together my own box and it was really special to receive one back from Elise. I definitely recommend that you try it out, whether you blog or not, try it out with a friend from far away or a friend you met through an online community. It was also really fun to do this with Elise because she's planning on coming to the Fashion Institute for school (where I attend) so it's a really awesome way to get to know one another and become better friends! 

Be sure to check out her blog, the SimplyChic Blog, to find out what I sent her!

Can't wait to share new content soon as well as show you my new (finished hopefully) site!

xo Morgan

Morgan Wynne