Metallic Madness

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share a little bit today about my love of metallics. I put together this outfit because I wanted to play around with my culottes. Even though the holidays are over, there are still many ways to style these types of pieces. My culottes are from Zara and I believe they were on sale for about $15 (Can't beat that)!

Typically when I try to wear something metallic like these culottes, I try to balance the shine (and texture in this case) with another pattern or texture. I decided to layer the cheetah print cardigan to balance out the texture and overall look of the culottes. By pairing the necklace (J.Crew) that has both a pop of color and silver stones, I was able to bring that same shiny element to the upper half of my outfit.

I'm not any professional, but I think that when you want to wear a unique piece, you need to create balance within the outfit and also add pieces that share similar characteristics - like the jewels of the necklace that mimic my culottes. 

I know this was a short piece, but I hope you could get a few new ideas. Metallic pieces aren't only holiday pieces, you can dress them up or down for any occasion.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne