Roaring Twenties

Hey guys! 

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend - I know I did, and I had an even more wonderful week last week thanks to my friends and family. I turned 20 on Tuesday but basically had a week long celebration! I wanted to chat a little bit today about how to jazz up any celebration - with the right decorations, people and of course - outfit! 

Anybody that knows me knows that Im a photo fanatic - they're always a must! Typically, I take a few photos with friends against my wall or wherever we may be, but this year I decided that I wanted to enhance the photo fun. A couple of days before my birthday I happened to be in Target (when am I not there?) and stopped in the dollar knick knack section. I stumbled upon all sorts of metallic balloons AND colorful garland! What more could a girl want? The "HOORAY" balloons were only $5 and the garland only $3! The picture above shows how I hung the decor against long black sheet paper - I should have positioned the paper differently but I didn't care too much about the line in the middle. Next time you're in Target, don't skip out on the hidden deals!

What I learned: Decorations don't have to break the bank and can still steal the show. 

So, for the night of my birthday I decided to go to this restaurant called "The Duck and Bunny" - it's one of my favorite places in RI and I can't seem to get enough (No, really, I went there 4 times over break). It's a cute little snuggery thats well known for its crepes - breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert crepes - you name it! Although the food is a big deal, the people I spend my time with is a HUGE deal. It may seem obvious but it's so important to keep in mind who you spend your big day with - whatever the occasion. I celebrated on different days with different friends and family, but always made sure it was with people who lift me up and are always there to celebrate with me on my happy days and are there for me on my not-so-great days. It may be cliche, but people make or break the experience. I am so thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life who so loving and selfless. 

What I learned (More so was reminded): The people in my life ROCK!

As far as my outfit, I wanted to keep it simple but wanted to wear something with a little excitement. I've been thinking about my twenties now for a few weeks, reminding myself that every new chapter comes with ups and downs. I want it to be filled with life and love and adventure, even knowing that it won't always be as glamorous as the *actual* roaring 20s (Let's be real - I can't afford all the gowns and jewels). So, I went with a metallic tea length skirt and simple white blouse. I ended up finding the skirt at Forever 21 for ONLY $4.19, originally about $30, and the Elle blouse at Kohls for $20. It made me so happy to get another steal from both stores and made me feel great on my birthday. 

What I learned: There's no better feeling that going to the register and finding a great piece on sale!

Anyways, I hope that I could give you some ideas for your next celebration or night out, and that you enjoyed reading as much as I loved sharing with you. 

Until next time,


Morgan Wynne